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Caroline Myss - The Energetics of Healing

Disini diajarkan bagaimana menyembuhkan sesorang (mirip seperti reiki) dan hanya menggunakan energi dari tubuh kita

In this DVD set, there are two main sections to explore the external and internal realities. Caroline guides us through the human energy system and shows how losing energy leads to the breakdown of the body. She discusses survival centers, shows why we thrive in stable communities and explores the idea of spiritual power. Through an analysis of our own energy, we can learn how to stop energy "leaks." This is the loss of energy that can cause us to age faster or can impede the healing of our body.

"You incarnate to learn the wise distribution and management of energy. You'll either invest in high interest returns of your investments--or you'll go into energetic debt, which will take from your cell tissues which can result in disease." - From The Energetics of Healing

For over a decade, medical intuitive Caroline Myss has revealed the fascinating realm of energy anatomy, an invisible--but crucial--system for maintaining health and well-being. Each one of these energetic vortices--known as chakras--governs specific social interactions, fears, bodily systems, desires, attitudes, and health issues.

In the 2-DVD set The Energetics of Healing, Myss gives viewers a guided tour of this unseen dimension of our body's energy anatomy via a live lecture. Using computer graphics created expressly for this program, Myss explains how she came to see the human energy system, why she stopped giving private readings, and how learning to see intuitively is a skill--not a special "gift".

Jam-packed with rich information on how your "biography becomes your biology", this 3-hour series teaches how to recognize energy leaks, unplug from energy drains, and retrieve parts of yourself scattered throughout time. Myss spends a great deal of time on each chakra, providing relevant anecdotes and examples associated with each energy center.

Some of the fascinating information Myss imparts in The Energetics of Healing include:

* "If you're in [energetic] debt, you either get a loan from others or from stored energy in the cell tissue."

* "The more energy you keep in the present time, the slower you age. The more energetic debt, the faster you age."

* "The area below the waist can't be reasoned with."

* How the 2nd chakra is an "expensive" chakra to maintain--and is the center of "weaponry", the desire to control, and money.

* Second chakra forgiveness is not only "putting down your weapons"...but also the desire to "shoot".

* Why feeling jittery or nervous may be someone trying to get their hooks into you via the 3rd chakra.

* "If you can't manage yourself in the physical realm, do you think you'll be able to do so in the energetic/consciousness realm?"

* "The mind is an arrogant instrument--but it's the heart that calls the shots. If your heart's `not in the ring', you're going nowhere."

* The 5th chakra is the power of choice that determines where your energy goes--and how it unplugs.

* "Always take the biggest risks. It doesn't matter what road you take--only the reason WHY you took the path."

* The "reality headquarters" of the 6th chakra--and why the need to know all the details of guidance or why something happens represents a closed mind.

* How the 7th chakra is the "grace bank account"--and what this means for our energetic anatomy.

In The Energetics of Healing, Myss also covers the sacred truths of each chakra and the questions we may ask to find out where our spirit is "on assignment". She also explains why the daily practice of aligning your chakras is crucial in the journey of consciousness.

On it's own, The Energetics of Healing is a fast-paced tour of the chakras, so it could be confusing to those new the energy anatomy (and Myss' penchant for going on tangents). The good news is that this DVD set also comes with an illustrated 15-page booklet reiterating the location, purpose, and issues surrounding each of the seven chakras. Each of the sacred truths are also provided in the booklet, as are daily questions for chakra alignment. The beautiful prayer by Rev. Jim Cotter that Myss says at the end of the second DVD is reprinted, too.

The Energetics of Healing is a fantastic introduction to the seven chakras and energy anatomy, especially for those who learn best via live lectures. Myss reminds us of the importance of keeping our energy in "present time", and admonishes us to spend our "energetic currency" wisely. Even if you're very familiar with the chakra system and the teachings of Myss, you'll learn something new from this entertaining DVD set.


01 - Intro & Overview.avi
02 - First Chakra Tribal Power.avi
03 - Second Chakra The Power Of Relationships.avi
04 - Third Chakra Personal Power.avi
05 - Guiding Comments.avi
06 - Second Intro.avi
07 - Forth Chakra - Emotional Power.avi
08 - Fifth Chakra The Power Of Will.avi
09 - Sixth Chakra - The Power Of The Mind.avi
10 - Seventh Chakra - Our Spiritual Connector.avi
11 - Additional Comments.avi
12 - Aligning With The 7 Sacred Truths.avi
13 - Closing Prayer.avi
14 - Closing Credits.avi

14 Video | Rp.95.000


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