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  DVD The Opus

The creator and producer of the movie is also the main star of it: Doug Vermeeren.

There’s a natural tendency to want to compare The Opus to the hit movie, The Secret, but that wouldn’t be fair.

The Secret was a feel good documentary about the law of attraction. I love it and think it will go down in history as one of the most inspiring and life-changing movies ever created. I’m proud to be in it.

But The Opus is a down to earth self-help, story-documentary with the main push being to get you to decide on a goal, take action, and stick with it. While there is some “attraction” talk in the film, that is not its main focus.

Framed around the story of a famous violinist, a cast of teachers (including me) pop in and out to tell you how to find your vision, move into action, and never give up.

I found the story of Martin Luther King as a child being taught how to dream to be moving.

I always find Morris Goodman’s story of his miraculous healing to be inspiring.

Bill Bartmann’s story of how he set a financial goal for himself was enlightening.

He simply found the net worth of the 400th richest person on the Forbes list and decided to make one dollar more than him, giving himself a measurable goal to accomplish (which he did).

I liked the movie. So did Nerissa. Apparently crowds in Calgary and Edmonton who saw a special showing of it went wild and loved it.

I don’t know what impact The Opus will have on people. In some ways it’s just the traditional goal setting stuff you and I have heard and read for decades. Of course, the same could be said for The Secret, though very few people knew about the law of attraction when that movie came out compared to the abundance of material on goal setting as The Opus comes out.

But the beauty of a good movie is that you get the same information in an easy, visual, even emotional form, which means it has a better chance of getting into you and sticking with you.

The main message of The Opus is to bring your music out, to enjoy now, and to leave something behind.

The movie wants you to — as I say in it — “Dare Something Worthy.”

When the movie is released (I don’t know the date yet), go see it.

It just might awaken that song in your heart — your own Opus.

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